Đèn báo pha HLD1122A21B7

Chạc chia khí SML-3 Ren kết nối: 1/4″, Áp suất : 10Bar, Nhiệt độ : 0~80 độ
Chạc chia khí SML-4 Ren kết nối: 1/4″, Áp suất : 10Bar, Nhiệt độ : 0~80 độ
Đèn báo pha AC.DC 24V màu đỏ Ф22mm HLD1122A21B7
Đèn báo pha AC.DC 24V màu xanh Ф22mm HLD1122A21B8
Bánh răng bơm thủy lực STRAIGHT BEVEL GEAR WHEEL Ø 12, 30 TEETH (1HDH111018P0001)
Chổi than CARBONBRUSH (GPFX052143P0098)
Bộ lọc FILTER 027,5×50,5 (GPFX730163P0001)
Gioăng làm kín dầu O-RING 105-0,5×3 /-50C (GPFX730169P0037)
Gioăng làm kín dầu O-RING 12,37×2,62 /-50C (GPFX730169P0041)
Phớt RADIAL RING 14-30-10 BASL 70NBR 888 (GPFX730170P0001)
Vòng chèn SUPPORT RING SU-30×32,9×1,4-P (GPFX730089P0026)
Vòng chèn SPLIT SUPPORT RING SG-11,4x16x1,4-PTG (GPFX730089P0027)
Vòng chèn SUPPORT RING BG-9,4x12x1,4 PTG (GPFX730089P0053)
Vòng chèn SPLIT SUPPORT RING BG20L0385-PT00 (GPFX730089P0063)
Ốc PLUG SOCKET TYP: 40R021124 MSD 2 (GPFX730094P0011)
Gioăng làm kín dầu O-RING 11×3 /-50C (GPFX730169P0009)
Gioăng làm kín dầu O-RING 29,87×1,78 /-50C (GPFX730169P0014 )
Gioăng làm kín dầu O-RING 6,00×1,5 /-50C (GPFX730169P0025)
Gioăng làm kín dầu O-RING 3,50×1,2 /-50C (GPFX730169P0038)
Gioăng làm kín dầu O-RING 9,25×1,78 /-50C (GPFX730169P0039 )
Gioăng làm kín dầu O-RING 37,77×2,62 /-50C (GPFX730169P0051)
Vòng chèn SUPPORT RING A36x33,1×1,3 PA (GPFX730249P0021)
Gioăng làm kín dầu O-RING 31,47×1,78 (GPFX730249P0020)
Vòng chèn SUPPORT RING BG 2000210-PTG (GPFX730089P0058)
Vòng chèn SPLIT SUPPORT RING SG-16x20x1-PTG (GPFX730089P0060)
INDICATOR 72X72, Type V-AQS 72, order: 1601E.DC500. WITH MOVING-IRON MECHANISM SCALE, 90 DEGREES BLACK FRONT FRAME FOR AC VOLTAGE 0 TO 500 V, Types of mounting: S-Mounting Special screwed brackets M4 for indicator72 × 72 mm, Measurement of alternating alternating voltage within the frequency range 15…65 Hz; Klinkmann.
Indicator lights 3SU1001-6AA20-0AA0, 22 mm, round, plastic, red, lens, smooth
Bơm tay quay: Model; Hand Pump 3200 Code: F0033200A Lưu lượng: 1 (vòng/lít) Hãng SX: Piusi
Cemented Wirewound Resistors with Lugs: TYPE/VARIANT: ZWS 35-S1, RATED DISSIPATION P40, RESISTANCE RANGE: 1.1 to 750 Ω, RESISTANCE TOLERANCE: ± 5 %, ± 10 %; OPERATING VOLTAGE (2) Umax. 1500V, Vishay Draloric
Motor OUXYO 80 CR / 0.75KW / 3X400V 50HZ / In = 3.7A Order: HATM303065K3, ABB
Đèn chống cháy nổ khu vực buồng đốt: AB 12 Ni 36/36 3h (2 x 36 W), Emergency light duration: 3h; Through- wiring single-ended; Entry / thread: 2 x M25, metal thread; Order No.: NOR 000 005 060 583 Features •Robust Ex-d housing •Two-channel EVG with EOL monitoring •Operating status indication via LED •Easy opening due to screw cover on end •Large terminal compartment •High degree of protection IP67 (bao gồm 02 bóng 36W)
Cầu chì JTD 150 ID: Littelfuse POWR-PRO CLASS J TIME DELAY CURRENT LIMITING FUSE I.R. 200KA/300KA (selt-certified by Littelfuse)
TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER OMRON E5CN-R2MT-W-500, 100 to 240 VAC, Input type: Thermocouple or Resistance thermometer; Auxiliary outputs: 2; Control output 1: Relay output. 48 × 48 × 78 (W × H × D), Mounting Adapter
Xi lanh crb2bw30-180s
VOLTAGE RELAY 220V DC Model: DOL: A1936/075 220V DC DOL
VOLTAGE RELAY 400V AC Model: DOL: A1939/075 230/400V DOL
Thermistor motor protection relay Compact evaluation: 3RN2010-1CA30, unit 17.5 mm enclosure Screw terminal 1 NO contact, 1 NC contact US = 24 V AC/DC Auto RESET suitable for bimetallic switch 2 LEDs (Ready/Tripped) galvanic isolation

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